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Architects of PSK

Dr. R. Periasamy, DCE

Dr. Periasamy, the founder of PSK is the driving force of the organization. His passion for architecture and drive to succeed led to the birth of PSK which is now one of the leading construction conglomerates of South India.

Mrs. Lakshmi Periasamy, B.Sc.

She effortlessly dons the role of a life partner and a brilliant business partner. The revolutionary agriculturist takes care of 200 acres of vegetation and plantations in and around Kolli Hills as well as inspection of a large cattle farm.

P. Arunkumar, BE (Civil)

The elder son of Dr. R. Periasamy steers the architectural arm of the PSK Group. He enjoys highly-challenging projects, which he executes to perfection. He is in charge of PSK Engineering Construction & Co., which operates from Chennai, the capital of Tamil Nadu.

Mr. G. Ramesh, DCE

He manages operations across the Tiruchirappalli and Tanjore districts.

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